FYR: #1 Raghunandan

First Year Relived


An individual's first day in college will mark a milestone in his/her life. It is a start of transition and adjustment process that will unfold over the course of entire first year. Being a NITJ's freshman here are few two edged experiences that you will face during the first year.

-The  first one probably is when you enter the college and see the board which says "SMILE YOU ARE AT NITJ CAMPUS" which place may be later used by some people to upload their new FB profile pic. ;-p
-Next one is when you meet 3 strange persons as your roommates whose friendship, you will cherish for some years to come. :-)

-First meal at hostel mess when your expectations of having a healthy diet throughout the semester are killed.  :-(
- The time when you feel lonely and nostalgic feeling creeps in . :'-(
-Encounter with first ENGINEERING DRAWING SHEET and you feel like killing yourself :-p
-Seniors's first visit to your hostel and at  that time you will really believe them when they say that our college's fest is north India's top techno-managerial or cultural fest ;-)
-Till now you must also have seen your first crush in college whom you would want to make your soulmate in days to come.
- You will find a bosom buddy with whom you will share all your thoughts.
-Preparing for first minors in which you see different approaches to study from other students.
-Some non-punjabis making an effort to learn speaking in Punjabi.
-Going out on tours with buddies to hill stations which become one of your most memorable tours of your whole life. :D
-celebrating friend's b’day by beating him. ;- D
And many more of those....... I will let u find the remaining ones. 

All d best freshers. here are few points from Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam's book wings of fire that may just help you to succeed in life---
-before or by the age of 21 develop a high long term goal in life.
-acquire vast amount of knowledge from books and teachers.
-keep working hard towards set goal.
-practice perseverance- become the captain of your problems.
-learn the art of self motivation.

Finally, wishing you good luck for the most successful 4 years of your life. :-)
NITJ Shiksha

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