FY Books: Basic Electronics

Books Recommended:

1. John D Ryder, “Electronic Fundamentals and Applications”, 5th PHI, New Delhi.
2. Boylestad and Nashelsky, “Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory”, 8th Ed, Pearson Education India, New Delhi (2002).
3. Edward Hughes, Mr Ian McKenzie Smith, Dr John Hiley, Dr Keith Brown, “Hughes Electrical & Electronic Technology”, 8th Ed., Pearson Education India, New Delhi (2002).

Books Referred By Seniors: Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits  by N. N. Bhargava

Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits  by N. N. Bhargava


Introduction to Electronics
Current and Voltage Source
Semiconductor Physics
Semiconductor Diode
Vacuum Tubes
Transistor Biasing and Stabilization of Operating Point
UnitS SmallSignal Amplifiers
Multistage Amplifiers
Power Amplifiers
Tuned Voltage Amplifier
Feedback in Amplifiers
Electronic Instruments
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